Wanted: Writers and Editors

1. Write for our Website
Goal: Write descriptions of upcoming monthly programs for our Website
Task: Beginning with descriptive materials submitted by the speaker, write up short, lively program descriptions including speaker bios, around 200 words.
Skills Needed: Ability to write in a lively, engaging style
Contact: Heidi Urich at urich@jgsgb.org for more information.

2. Write for JewishBoston blog
Goal: Write blog entries for the JGSGB blog on JewishBoston.com
The Tasks: Write brief pieces relating to family history research or any of our programs or services to be submitted to JewishBoston.com for the JGSGB blog. Develop topic ideas.
Skills Needed: Ability and interest in writing short pieces. Think creatively.
Contact: Ellie Goldberg at publicity@jgsgb.org for more information.

3. Write or Edit for Mass-Pocha

A. Become a Reporter
Goal: Write a summary of the speaker’s program to be published in MassPocha.
Tasks: Take notes during the lecture and refer to the lecture recording as needed, to write up a summary of the lecture. Copies of the speaker’s PowerPoint slides are usually available as well.
Skills Needed: Interest in writing.
Notes: Bonus of this is the opportunity to learn the information a second time. Articles do not have to be submitted in perfect shape. We have good editors.

B. Become a Published Author
Goal: Write an article of genealogical or historical interest to be published in MassPocha
Tasks: Write an article on a genealogical or historical subject that interests you and would also be of interest to our members.
Skills Needed: Interest in writing.
Notes: Articles do not have to be submitted in perfect shape. We have good editors.

C. Edit articles for Mass-Pocha
Goal: Prepare articles or reports submitted to Mass-Pocha for final publication.
Tasks: Carefully review the material for grammar, spelling, etc. Check facts. Improve the writing where needed.
Skills Needed: Knowledge of proper grammar and style conventions. Ability to fact-check information.
Contact: Daphnah Sage at daphnah@jgsgb.org for more information.