Wanted: Hospitality helpers

Help at monthly meetings

1: Assist at registration table in one or more of the following ways.


  • Help Guests and members:
  • Help fill out guest sign in sheet
  • Collect guest fee
  • Help at name tag tables
  • Accept new and renewing members
  • Collect membership fee.
  • Help with sale of Mass-Pocha journals and books

Skills Needed:

  •   Outgoing personality
  •   Love of JGSGB
  •   Enthusiasm for genealogy
  •   Interest in helping people

Notes: Even if you do not come to all of our meetings, you can help at the registration table when you do come.  This is a chance to share your enthusiasm for genealogy with members and guests as they enter Sunday programs.

Contact: Carolyn Kohlman at kohlman@jgsgb.org

2. Help as a refreshments assistant

Goal: Help refreshment coordinator at monthly meetings


  • Help bring supplies kept in the Society’s storage cabinet up to the meeting room
  • Set up the cookies and other materials by 12:30 on tables provided
  • Help clean up tables and return unused supplies to the cabinet after the meeting
  • On Occasion, help coordinate the transport, distribution, and cleanup of supplies to other locations.
  • On occasion, pick up pre-paid boxes of coffee from Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts in Newton Centre, and trays of cookies from Blacker’s Bakery on Commonwealth Ave. in Newton Centre (for meetings at Temple Beth El), just prior to a meeting.

Skills Needed:

  • Ability to arrive early for meetings
  • Ability to stay after meeting to help clean up

Notes: Even if you can’t attend all meetings, please consider helping for those meetings you do attend.

Contact: Ron Killian at killian@jgsgb.org for more information