Wanted: Email Distribution Administrator

You’ve received our eAnnouncements and eNews emails.  Ever thought about how they are prepared and sent?  Well, this is your opportunity to learn the process and help send critical communications to members of the Society.

Goal:  Assist the Society in the preparation and distribution of program and information emails, called eAnnouncements and eNews respectively.


  • Learn to use Constant Contact to administer email preparation and distribution.
  • Receive content and insert it into pre-set templates to prepare emails.
  • Initiate about 5 outgoing email distributions a month on a pre-determined schedule.

Skills Needed:

  • Text manipulation using Word documents.
  • Ability to learn use of a template, including insertion of text and photos.
  • Detail oriented.
  • Schedule conscious.
  • Confidence in interacting with a web application.

Notes:  A new volunteer will work alongside experienced people to learn the procedures and the application.

If you are interested, please contact Sonia Lipetz at lipitz@jgsgb.org