Sephardi SIG

The Sephardi Special Interest Group (SIG) is for members of the JGSGB with Jewish roots in Spain and Portugal. This includes members of our Society who are Ashkenazi and have Sephardi roots in Spain and Portugal, but does not include the broader Sephardi definition of non-Ashkenazim who have roots only in the Middle East. The purpose of this SIG is for members to explore areas of common interest, pursue research and share information with each other, and enhance our abilities to find out about our Sephardi ancestors and their lives.

Migrations of Spanish Jews

The specific activities of the group will be guided by the interests and talents of the members. Topics include learning:

  • The history of Spanish and Portuguese Jews before the expulsions
  • The expulsions from Spain and Portugal and the migration of Sephardi Jews
  • The Sephardi history of cities and towns where they moved after the expulsion from Spain and Portugal with particular emphasis on the ancestral towns of our SIG members
  • The JewishGen Sephardic SIG and its online resources
  • Other online resources and documentary material available to research Sephardim

If you are interested in joining the local JGSGB Sephardic SIG, please contact the Coordinator Cary Aufseeser for more information.