Landsmanshaftn Research Project

JGSGB is starting a project to gather information on the Landsmanshaftn that existed in the Greater Boston area. Landsmanshaftn were mutual aid and social organizations organized by immigrants who came from a common hometown, city or region in Europe. The designated town often included the surrounding villages.  Landsmanshaftn engaged in various services such as organizing free loan funds, buying cemetery lots, writing Yizkor books to commemorate their hometowns, and raising funds for their landsleit (compatriots) in Europe at times of need.

We are hoping that many of our members with Boston-area roots have memories and knowledge of the Landsmanshaftn that their parents, grandparents or neighbors belonged to, or that were active in their neighborhoods.

Deanna Mirsky would like to speak with you about your recollections. We’re betting that there’s a wealth of knowledge among our members whose ancestors belonged to local Landsmanshaftn!

We will also be doing archival research to identify and gather information on local Landsmanshaftn.

If you would like to share your recollections or help with research, contact