JGSGB Calendars

If you use Google Calendar or Apple Calendar (and many others), you can subscribe to one or more of the JGSGB calendars so that our events appear automatically in your calendar (and get updated whenever we modify an entry).

There are currently ten calendars. The main calendar (JGSGB Programs) includes our regular monthly events and other general events, such as the Research Sundays and Annual Lecture at Hebrew College. In addition, there are separate calendars for each of our seven local Special Interest Groups (Belarus, Bessarabia, Galicia, Litvak, Poland, Sephardic, and Ukraine) so you can attach any of them individually that interest you. Finally, there is a calendar for the JGSGB Book Group and a calendar for JGSGB Connect.

There are several ways to subscribe to the calendars, but most people have succeeded using the so-called iCal URL. Here they are for each of the calendars. Specific directions are given further below for users of Google Calendar (here) and Apple Calendar (here).

iCal URLs for Calendars

The iCal URLS listed below can be copied and pasted into the subscription forms for each calendar you want to add.

  • JGSGB Programs:
  • Belarus SIG:
  • Bessarabia SIG:
  • Galicia SIG:
  • Litvak SIG:
  • Poland SIG:
  • Sephardic SIG:
  • Ukraine SIG:
  • JGSGB Book Group:
  • JGSGB Connect:

Adding JGSGB Calendars to Google Calendar

In the left column in the calendar screen, find the item “Other calendars”. Click on the little plus sign to the right of that text to open a menu, as shown below.

Menu for adding calendars

Then click on the item “From URL” to open the following pop-up.

Pop-up for adding calendar URL in iCal format

Paste the iCal-format URL (from the list above) into the URL field and click on the “Add calendar” button. The added calendar events will now appear in your personal calendar.

You can change various settings for each calendar by moving the mouse over the calendar name and clicking on the menu icon that appears to the right (three vertical dots). After clicking on the menu icon, a menu pops up from which you can change settings, including the color for items from that calendar.

Menu for configuring a calendar

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Adding JGSGB Calendars to Apple Calendar

Open your calendar, and under the “File” menu click on “New Calendar Subscription”.

Menu for adding calendars

Enter the URL of the calendar you want to add (from the list above) and click on the “Subscribe” button.

Menu for adding calendars

There are various setting options available for color, location, and frequency of auto-refresh.

Menu for adding calendars

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