Hungary – Moldova

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Lists 12,000 towns in 19th century Hungary, an area that comprises regions of today’s Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and the Slovak Republic. It locates each town in 1877, gives alternate and current names and the population of various ethnic groups, including Jews.

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A compilation of history, photos, and lists of people sent to the Vilnius Ghetto. Written in English, Lithuanian and Russian.
Database of prisoners available through JewishGen

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A compilation of names of Lithuanian victims of the Holocaust derived from Yizkor books, NKVD lists, survivors and friends of Holocaust victims; a guide to available research resources including films, websites, atlases, and book titles. Also work camp lists, ghetto lists, and concentration camp lists; testimonies; essays pertaining to the Lithuanian Holocaust.

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The comprehensive story of a single shtetl that stands for life in all shtetls in the Jewish Pale of Settlement from the Middle Ages to the 20th century.

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Text available through JewishGen

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A history of 21 Jewish communities in Lithuania.
Table of Contents and PDF file of entire book.

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Table of Contents

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