Family Histories, Correspondence, and Genealogies



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Surname Index to the 4 volumes.

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Documents the continuous history of an ancient and distinguished Ashkenazi family that claims descent from King David and traces its origin back to medieval France.

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Table of Contents – Volume 1    
Table of Contents – Volume 2
Table of Contents – Volume 3
Table of Contents – Volume 4
Name Index – Volume 1
Name Index – Volume 2
Name Index – Volume 3
Name Index – Volume 4

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An account of Tess Schwarz’s family’s escape from Russia and how forty related families were brought to Australia as a result of their efforts.

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The story of one family, with Boston roots, that includes many indexed surnames, with special emphasis on Golubchin, Gollub/Golub, Perlin, Schumitzky, Turetsky and Zlatnikov.


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Lists Jewish genealogies and family histories, both published and unpublished, for over 10,000 family names.