On-Going Projects

Cemetery Project

The objective of this project is to list all burials in Massachusetts Jewish cemeteries on the Jewish Online Worldwide Burial Registry (JOWBR) sponsored by JewishGen.  Photographs of many headstones have been taken and the images put on CDs.
We need transcribers to take the information from the CDs and enter it into the prepared Excel spreadsheet. “How-to” directions have been prepared by JOWBR.  You don’t need to know Hebrew.

We are also looking for photographers if you prefer working outdoors and taking photos of headstones.

If interested in any part of the Cemetery project write to: cemetery@jgsgb.org

Memorial Plaques Project

On the walls of synagogues throughout Massachusetts, there are tens of thousands of memorial plaques (also known as Yahrzeit plaques) in memory of deceased loved ones. Currently, JGSGB volunteers have completed photographing and transcribing over 61,000 of these memorial plaques from 111 synagogues/institutions in Massachusetts. However, there are thousands more that still need to be transcribed.

The information from these plaques is being published on JewishGen.org where the database will be searchable by everyone for free.

Volunteers are needed to transcribe data from the plaques, such as the name and date of death in English, the name and date of death in Hebrew (if able to translate), and the ID number of the photograph.

Read the story of the Memorial Plaques Project.

If you would like to participate in the Memorial Plaques Project, contact MemorialPlaques@jgsgb.org.