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Beyond Search: More Google Tools
The Jewish-Cape Verde Connection
Michael Marx 1/21/18
Plan Your Roots Trip to Eastern Europe Daniel Horowitz 2/25/18
Life Under the Tsars Alan Shuchat 3/18/18
Historic Polish Directories and Other Sources Searchable at Logan Kleinwaks 3/25/18
All 3 talks from Celebration 36 Cece Moore and Libby Copeland 4/22/18
Two-part Program: From Spain to Amsterdam and Beyond: The World of Western Sephardim and Sephardic DNA Links Jews to Mexicans Joshua Mendes and Cary Aufseeser 5/6/18
Ellis Island Features Reenactment and Two Talks by Joel Weintraub Joel Weintraub 6/10/18
Clairvoyant Housewives, Cookbook Mavens and Other Advice Givers: the Women of the Tenement Annie Polland 9/16/18


The Rag Trade: How Jews Made it in America Adam Mendelsohn 12/10/17
Researching Your Lithuanian Roots Judy Baston 6/11/17
From the Spanish Inquisition to the Present
How to Trace Your ‘New Christian’ Ancestors
Genie Milgrom 5/7/17
Holocaust Research: Online Resources at the U.S. Holocaust Museum Megan Lewis 4/23/17
The Genetic Ancestry of Ashkenazi Jews Shai Carmi 3/26/17
Three Minutes in Poland: Discovering a Lost World in a 1938 Family Film Glenn Kurtz 3/26/17
The Art of Taking an Oral History Sharon Zane 1/8/17
How I Put Together a Memoir Fay Bussgang 1/8/17


Jewish Dress and Cultural History Eric Silverman Dec 11, 2016
Yankel’s Tavern: Jews, Liquor and Life in Eastern Europe Glenn Dynner Nov 20, 2016
Workshop on Polish Records Research Stanley
Oct 30, 2016
The Genealogical Value of Jewish Burial Records Nolan Altman Oct 16, 2016
Getting the Most Out of FamilySearch Todd Knowles Sep 25, 2016
Liven Up Your Family History With Images Mike Karsen June 5, 2016
Getting the Most Out of Meredith
Jan 10, 2016

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