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The Genealogical Riches of Massachusetts’ Archives Panel of Archivists 2/24/19 Order Audio
Finding Families in the Russian Empire 1795-1917: Census Records and More Rhoda Miller 3/24/19 Order Audio
DNA Basics; DNA Successes In (and Despite) Endogamy David Ellis and Lara Diamond 5/5/19 Order Audio
Cadastral Surveys and Maps of Galicia Andrew Zalewski 5/19/19 Order Audio
Unearthing Family Lore: Behind the Scenes of a Novelist’s Journey Neville Frankel 6/2/19 Order Audio


Beyond Search: More Google Tools
The Jewish-Cape Verde Connection
Michael Marx 1/21/18 Order Audio
Plan Your Roots Trip to Eastern Europe Daniel Horowitz 2/25/18 Order Audio
Life Under the Tsars Alan Shuchat 3/18/18 Order Audio
Historic Polish Directories and Other Sources Searchable at Logan Kleinwaks 3/25/18 Order Audio
All 3 talks from Celebration 36 Cece Moore and Libby Copeland 4/22/18 Order Audio
Two-part Program: From Spain to Amsterdam and Beyond: The World of Western Sephardim and Sephardic DNA Links Jews to Mexicans Joshua Mendes and Cary Aufseeser 5/6/18 Order Audio
Ellis Island Features Reenactment and Two Talks by Joel Weintraub Joel Weintraub 6/10/18 Order Audio
Clairvoyant Housewives, Cookbook Mavens and Other Advice Givers: the Women of the Tenement Annie Polland 9/16/18 Order Audio
Galicia Basics: What Every Galitzianer Needs to Know Renee Steinig 10/14/18 Order Audio
How World War I Transformed the American Jewish Community Gene Fax 11/4/18 Order Audio
Annual Lecture: Credit to the Nation: East European Jewish Immigrant Bankers, Mass Migration and American Finance Rebecca Kobrin 12/16/18 Order Audio


The Rag Trade: How Jews Made it in America Adam Mendelsohn 12/10/17 Order Audio
Researching Your Lithuanian Roots Judy Baston 6/11/17 Order Audio
From the Spanish Inquisition to the Present
How to Trace Your ‘New Christian’ Ancestors
Genie Milgrom 5/7/17 Order Audio
Holocaust Research: Online Resources at the U.S. Holocaust Museum Megan Lewis 4/23/17 Order Audio
The Genetic Ancestry of Ashkenazi Jews Shai Carmi 3/26/17 Order Audio
Three Minutes in Poland: Discovering a Lost World in a 1938 Family Film Glenn Kurtz 3/26/17 Order Audio
The Art of Taking an Oral History Sharon Zane 1/8/17 Order Audio
How I Put Together a Memoir Fay Bussgang 1/8/17 Order Audio

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