Wanted: Photographers

Photographer for our Cemetery Project

Goal: Contribute toward JGSGB’s commitment to record every Jewish gravestone in MA.


  • Photograph the gravestones in a particular cemetery.
  • Record the locations of the gravestones.

Skills needed: basic photography, organization

Notes: This can be done alone or in pairs with one person photographing and the other recording the location of the headstone. Tip sheet for taking photographs is available. This job can be done in more than one visit.

Contact: Pam Weitzel at weitzel@jgsgb.org for more information

Photographer for Programs, SIG Activities, Special Events

Goal:  Take photos and obtain photo releases at JGSGB activities for posting on the JGSGB website and publicity outlets.


  • Take photos to specifications of Publicity chair.
  • Obtain photo release consent from subjects with provided form
  • Upload photos to computer, label where appropriate and send to JGSGB board member or upload to Dropbox,

Skills Needed:

  • Requires having a digital camera
  • Eye for taking good photographs
  • Knowledge of uploading pictures to Dropbox is helpful but not required.

Notes: The photographer would need to get to programs a little early and remain at the end for a few minutes.  Time required to upload and label pictures is 30 minutes to an hour.  Individual could work alone or with a partner to obtain photo releases.

Contact:  Jessie Klein at klein@jgsgb.org for more information