Membership Renewal

NOTE: All memberships run on a calendar-year basis. If you renew in the year after your membership expired, your membership will be renewed to December 31 of the current year.

  • If you were a member at any time starting with 2017, you have an account in NeonCRM (our membership management system) and can easily renew your membership online.
  • Continue reading the complete instructions below to refresh your memory as to the renewal process before proceeding. If needed, you may print these instructions to keep alongside you as you enter your renewal.
  • If you have not yet set up the Login Name and Password for your member account—or have forgotten them—please select the “Help” option under the “Membership” tab above and read the appropriate section. Or you may select “Member Login” under the “Membership” tab and then “Forgot Password”. Follow the subsequent instructions.
  • If you do remember your Login Name and Password, just select “Member Login” under the “Membership” tab.
  • If you prefer to fill out a paper membership form and mail in a check, click here.



If you are a current member:

  • DO NOT click on any “Join” or “Create Account” option from any screen.
  • DO NOT use Facebook or Twitter to log into the account.

Both of those steps create new, duplicate accounts instead of accessing your existing member account.


All Renewals (Individual and Dual)

If you have a dual membership, be sure to follow the additional instructions further down on this page. The primary member in a dual membership needs to renew the additional member at the same time.

From the initial screen after logging in, open the “What would you like to do?” pull-down and click on the “My Membership” option, as shown here.

Step 1

When your Membership History appears, click on the “Renew Now” link under the ACTIONS column, as shown here.

Step 2

Dual Membership Renewals

Renewing a dual membership requires an additional step.

Dual memberships are now called “households” in the system, and they have a primary member and an additional member. Each of the two members has a separate member account that is accessed using an individual login name and password. The account contains each individual’s profile information.

It is the primary member who handles membership renewal for both members by checking the box for the additional member as shown below.

Dual memberships renewal screen

After checking the box to the left of the additional member’s name, click on the “Continue” button.